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Important Announcement for Alabama Asthma & Allergy, PC as of Sunday, April 19, 2020


1) We will resume providing prescheduled allergy shots outdoors on Monday April 27, 2020 and provide shots two days a week, Mondays and Thursdays 8:00AM - 4:30PM. All patients coming to the clinic must wear a mask or form of face covering and have a charged cell phone available. In addition, shot patients must have their Epi-Pen with them and wait in their car at least 30 minutes after their shot and have the nurse recheck them afterwards. Please fill out a COVID-19 screening questionnaire that is provided to you outdoors before we can proceed with your treatment. Please come with a minimal number of family members. Again, all shots must be scheduled ahead of time for now.


2) The Tuesday Enterprise satellite clinic will likely be closed until the end of May 2020. All Enterprise shot patients are welcome to come to Dothan or set up with us to get allergy shots with your local physician for now.


3) We hope that new patients and allergy testing patients will begin to be seen in June if we have seen a 14 day decrease in new COVID-19 cases in Alabama prior to this.


4) Follow-up appointments, however, will continue for now as telemedicine. Please call 334-794-2718 to schedule your appointment.


Thanks for your consideration and we wish all our patients to stay safe.
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1.    If you have a fever or illness like a cold or flu with or without cough, please leave the office, stay home and call to reschedule your  appointment in one month. Contact your primary care doctor  and let them know you are ill and have them decide on a plan of action.


2.     If you have fever, cough, cold/flu like illness and additionally, shortness of breath call ahead to your local ER before going.


3.    If you are sick as above in item 1 without shortness of breath, stay at home except for getting tested at a testing center, especially if you have traveled to a high-risk area or have been exposed to the Coronavirus or suspect you have it. If positive, self-quarantine 14 days. If  short of breath also, call to the ER before going. Call ahead to any test  center - hospitals, some walk-in clinics, drug stores, and any physicians who may have test kits.


4.    We can help by phone if you also have allergy/asthma or any of our specialty related issues.


5.    If you have an immunodeficiency you should not be going out in public for now or traveling. Call for advice.


6.    Minor patients should come with only one adult family member. When possible, please leave siblings at home unless they will also be receiving treatment.


7.    Follow common sense practices:


a)              Wash your hands often with soap & water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with >=60% alcohol.


b)              Avoid touching your face, and no handshakes or close contact.


c)               Cover your face with a tissue when coughing and look away.


d)              Keep a safe distance 3-6 feet from others and those sick.


e)             Stay home when sick.


f)                For more info, go to